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The company Fox Investment – 18 LLC is an investor on the project Estreya Markovo. The company is established with special purpose – construction of small and middle – size residential complexes in the Rhodope collar and is a part from a group of companies dealing with investment and trading in real estate for more than fifteen years.

The company’s motto is “Quality and beautiful homes at a good price“.

The main reasons why we are focusing on building such complexes are :

– overcrowding of the city, which ultimately leads to a significantly worse quality of life at a high cost. Living in the big city and having the best quality of life for yourself and your family is no longer possible.

– strong air pollution in the city – a factor that has a great impact on everyone’s health and can not be overlooked;

– noisy environment  – in recent years, more and more large blocks of flats have been built, where many people live. This leads to a noisy daily life, worsening both the way of life and the quality of work capacity;

– lack of parking spaces – a particularly important problem.

The listed factors begin to weigh in more and more in choosing a home , especially when talking about the same price.


All this can be avoided by buying a house near the city and the cost of going to the workplace and vice versa will be negligibly less than the price you pay to live in the city.


Fox Investment – 18 LLC directs its efforts to customers who are looking for a better quality of life, peace, quiet, fresh air, beautiful views combined with privacy, own yard, home in the true sense of the word, where you can park in your garage without having to argue with your neighbors. And all of this at a normal price.

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